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Directed Suspension


A “Directed Suspension” is typically used when a student has violated the “Alcohol and Other Drugs” Policy of the school district regulations. The Directed Suspension Staff views substance use as treatable and recognizes that this problem in schools cannot be solved solely by suspending those students who are involved. The Directed Suspension Staff maintain a balance between compassion and aid for students seeking help for substance use problems and the protection of a healthy school environment.  At the discretion of the Principal or Vice-Principal, a student may be given a “Directed Suspension”.  Students receiving a “Directed Suspension” will be expected to agree and adhere to the following:

Students and families must be committed to following the recommendations of the ARC Programs Addictions Counselor, the Directed     Suspension Teacher, and the School Administration who comprise the Directed Suspension Team.
Students and families must willingly participate in an assessment by an ARC Programs Addictions Counselor.
Students and families must meet with the Directed Suspension Team, when and as requested.
         Students must have punctual and consistent attendance at the Directed Suspension site.
Students must meet the behavioral expectations as set out by the Directed Suspension Teacher
Students must satisfactorily complete assignments and coursework assigned to them during the Directed Suspension.
The directed suspension team makes both restorative and therapeutic recommendations and assists the family and student in accessing the appropriate resources and services. The team may also decide that further assessment is needed and that ongoing monitoring and assessment is advised. 
Directed Suspension Typical Day:
9:00 am to 11:00 am – Central School – School Work (1825 RichterStreet - (250) 870-5120 ext. 7837) 
11:00 am to 11:30 am – Lunch (student brings own lunch and transportation to the Food Bank)
11:30 am to 1:45 pm – Volunteer Work at Kelowna Food Bank (1265 Ellis St.)
11:45 am to 2:00 pm - Student heads over to Arc Programs
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm – ARC Program D& A Counseling (513 Bernard Ave.)
How the Service Works:
A school administrator sends a referral to the “directed suspension” teacher or phones to determine availability. The parent has a choice to support a 3 day directed suspension or accept the 5 day suspension.
On the first morning, a parent/guardian MUST accompany the student to Central School.  The parent/guardian should be prepared to stay for an informational meeting lasting from 9:00 - 9:45.  As there will most likely be other parents and students at this meeting, parents/students are asked to be punctual.
The student attends the “directed suspension” classroom which is located at Central School (1825 Richter Street)
The school forwards the student’s course work to be completed during the suspension period.
The student is in the classroom for 2 hours working on school assignments
The student is also expected to complete a questionnaire regarding his/her drug/alcohol use.
The student must attend 2 sessions with an ARC Programs drug/alcohol counselor; student is responsible for their own transportation.
The student spends an additional 2 hours per day doing community service; student is responsible for their own transportation.
A summary of the student’s “directed suspension” (ie. attendance, attitude, drug & alcohol assessment/meeting) is forwarded to the school upon completion.
The student meets with the school administrator before returning to regular classes.
Why the Service Works
High control / High support model
Student accountability during suspension
Support with academic work
Support with substance use/misuse
Doing for others-generally makes people happier about themselves (community service)
Making connections for kids and with kids