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"Students Do Well If They Can"
Our Learning Story
​​We believe, as a learning community, that we continue to learn about curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices. This helps our team in guiding our students, who often have a number of barriers to education including social, emotional, behavioral, academic challenges, and are looking for, and require, a flexible and personalized education plan that is equitable, inclusive and meets the goals of a 21st Century learner.

Central Programs and Services-Central Okanagan Public Schools is a supportive learning environment focused on meeting the diverse academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs of each learner. We offer a variety of unique educational programs and services that are accessible, equitable and inclusive, which are aimed at meeting the needs of the whole child. Our teaching and operational framework is characterized by identifying and capitalizing on the assets and strengths students inherently bring versus what they do not. We believe that creating opportunities for our students to showcase their gifts, talents and interests builds a sense of self-worth, confidence and resiliency from which to move forward.
"An absolute belief that every student has potential. It is their unique strengths and capabilities that will determine their evolving story as well as define who they are-not what they're not (not, I will believe when I see – rather, I believe and I will see)." – O'Connell et al. (2006)​

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Testimonial from former Central student and recent graduate:


Dear Mr. Horne. I want to extend a huge thank you for yours and the whole Central Programs and Services staff for giving me the opportunity to improve the quality of my life and provide me with all the help that I needed to be successful. My future was uncertain and I struggled a lot in my time of high school. The Gateway program has given me the opportunity to find something that I love to do and excel at. Over the past 12 years I have worked extremely hard building my career and my business and it's all thanks to CPS. My recent high school diploma is icing on the cake!

Harry Allen
Owner, Puddle Jumper Welding LTD.

 Central Programs & Services