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Every student is unique and school can be challenging for a large number of reasons.  Central Programs and Services is a place where the unique needs of learners can be met. Students who meet the requirements for Alternate Education, due to the fact that they just cannot find success in the traditional setting, despite all efforts, may benefit from the unique and personalized programming offered at Central. We believe that if personalized programming and the right supports are put into place, students will be able to build on the successes and strengths that they bring to the table. By celebrating these successes and building meaningful relationships, students can slowly build their skills and confidence as they engage with their unique educational program. It can be challenging to provide unique and personalized programming for every student who comes our way, but because we believe that 'students do well if they can', we think it is imperative that  we offer a wide variety of options to increase the likelihood for student engagement and success.

We also believe that parents, families and community agencies must collaborate and build meaningful relationships, and learning opportunities, in order to support students and help them overcome the many barriers they face with regard to engaging with their educational program. We create a personalized Student Learning Plan  for each and every one of our students, which helps to guide our students down a path of greater success.

If you want to learn more about Collaborative Problem Solving and the philosophy around 'Students Do Well if They Can' we recommend that you check out Dr. Ross Greene's website!